A great day for Lacrosse in the State of Washington

McNutty Covers the Quarters Don’t forget to download or print photos from these and other games on Soundlacrosse.  That’s why we’re out there shooting and writing in the rain. Proceeds go to local lacrosse charity. Two of this weekend’s D1 quarterfinal games were rematches from 2014 quarterfinal battles that were memorable…(Read More)

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More photos from this and lots of WA High School lacrosse action are available at SoundLacrosse. Proceeds go directly to NW Lax Charities. This was not how he’d dreamt it. Fifteen seconds into the biggest start of his career, and Bellevue’s sophomore goalie Cabe Edelhertz had already given up a goal, a ten…(Read More)

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April 3rd.  In the five seasons we’ve been doing this, this is officially the latest I have ever rolled out my first comments about a lacrosse season. I could lie, and tell you it was because I was too busy watching lacrosse to comment on it. I could use as an excuse the unusual…(Read More)


The Elite 80 Lacrosse Camp – a premier instructional camp in the Northwest – announces seven college coaches for its 2015 session to be held on August 4,5,6 at Starfire Sports in Tukwila. The camp welcomes talented high school players wanting to develop their skills and are interested in top level lacrosse. Joining the camp…(Read More)

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First off, in D2 Lake Washington beat Juanita 8-7. In D1 Mercer Island beat Bellevue 11-8. If you’re looking for a recap of the championship games, quit reading this and go here. Mike McQuaid and his crack stats staff, led by Austin Boyd, have done a fine job recapping both these great…(Read More)

To start your Monday, I present a prolix potpourri of profound postulations. (i.e.random thoughts) “We’ll never be able to win if we don’t get a better faceoff guy” I’m one of those guys who understands that faceoff wins and goalie saves do not correlate with victories. Sure it’s always…(Read More)

More photos from this and lots of WA High School lacrosse action are available at SoundLacrosse. Proceeds go directly to NW Lax Charities.   So the big Afternoon Delight game has come and gone. Bellevue hosted Mercer Island in an afterschool game played on a beautiful sunny day. There were no streakers, no foul language…(Read More)

There were lots of important games this weekend with big implications; Bainbridge won over Lakeside, solidifying a playoff berth, DII Meadowdale punched out of their weight-class and knocked off DI Shorecrest in OT, and in a battle of undefeateds, Sehome-Bellingham bested Stanwood by one goal. All important games on the eastern shores of…(Read More)

Before we get started, I’ve got to tell you that this is the third rewrite of this article. I’ll tell you why at the end, but my apologies if this comes off a little disjointed. On to the topic at hand… Take a look at this picture: It’s from 2013, the last…(Read More)