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We’ve just started a photo contest hosted by Washington High School Lacrosse, the Washington chapter of USL.  Go to their site each week between Monday and Saturday to vote on the best photos of the week.  The player or team in the winning photo will receive a framed  photo from Sound Lacrosse. Check it…(Read More)

I try not to speak in superlatives, but through trial and error I believe I’ve found the best “night sports” lens, at least for someone with my budget.  It’s the Nikon 300mm f/4.  Here’s why: It’s affordable It’s a prime, so it’s super crisp It’s not heavy…(Read More)

Slow is Fast


Lacrosse is known as the fastest sport on two feet, because a transition from one end of the field to the other can take less than three seconds, and a shot on goal can rip at over 100 mph.  One way of ‘capturing’ the speed of the sport is by actually slowing down the shutter…(Read More)

About those blurred photos – I actually do it on  purpose (well, not always!).  But sometimes I find it useful to slow down the shutter speed, and pan the camera to follow the action. This creates a blurred background and, if you get it just right, no blur on the player in focus, other than…(Read More)