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Thanks to Ian O’hearn and the folks at Mercer Island (and Bellevue) for bringing together the best lacrosse in the Northwest yet again.  For me, the highlight was definitely Dave’s pulled pork on Friday and his rib dinner on Saturday.  Also, the rainbow during the MI-Sunset game. Tournament Galleries Here “Best Photos…(Read More)

This is actually more a footnote than anything else, but BI’s win yesterday over Claremont of Victoria (BC) represented the first win of an American team over a Canadian team in the history of the Northwest Invitational.  True, the Canadians have finished their field season and are on spring break with “half the team…(Read More)

One of the biggest lacrosse festivals in the entire country, the Northwest Invitational is where the top teams in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and British Columbia get together to find out just how good they are.  This is the best high school lacrosse you’ll see, with the exception of the playoffs in each state…(Read More)

We have a “new” photographer in our ranks – Charles Mauzy, who shoots for IYL and for Skyline.  Check out his photos of  yesterday’s Skyline vs Overlake game. As you can tell from his pictures, Charles is not new to photography – just to SL…(Read More)

Very few people know – or perhaps remember – that Lakeside has one of the oldest lacrosse programs on the West Coast. The picture on the left was dug out of an old Lakeside yearbook circa 1979 courtesy of a proud alumna who takes every opportunity to remind me of this fact. Mukilteo vs Lakeside…(Read More)

Okay, we all know it rains in the Pacific Northwest. But I’m starting to grow gills. The constant downpours of the past few weeks have turned natural grass playing fields into mud-wrestling pits and even at the nice stadiums, fans are forced to huddle under giant umbrellas.  I guess it could be worse…(Read More)

Maybe it’s just me, but shouldn’t the goalie be defending shots, not sticks?  Here, an apparently surprised Lake Tapps goalie Ben Kelly appears to be holding Henry Deery-Schmitt’s lacrosse stick – with the ball still in it!   But he did make the save…(Read More)

Here’s a tidbit about Bainbridge lacrosse – on week nights they share the field with a local group of ASD adults who use the track for running practice.  I know little about them, other than what most of us who attend lacrosse games here know: they are a group of uncommonly uplifting, happy, outward going…(Read More)