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It was a miserable, wet evening; the few people in attendance huddled under a spare awning. The Overlake faithful brought a tent that adjusted to the aluminum bleachers… View the Game Gallery. &nbsp…(Read More)

Pro Lacrosse and Kids


The other day, Henry asked me to shoot a Stealth game.  You can find those pictures in this gallery on Henry’s site.  If you haven’t been to a Stealth game, it’s worth going.  Each game they invite kids from local lacrosse clubs to hang out with the players during their warm-ups…(Read More)

About those blurred photos – I actually do it on  purpose (well, not always!).  But sometimes I find it useful to slow down the shutter speed, and pan the camera to follow the action. This creates a blurred background and, if you get it just right, no blur on the player in focus, other than…(Read More)

First game of the season, featuring Dejon’s debut as a head coach and also his return to Bainbridge.   McNutty’s article on Walax mentioned Dejon’s new up-scaled  fashion look,  but I was also impressed with the team’s “magic bus.” Wow!  Visit the Game Gallery…(Read More)