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Was that fast, or what?  Two more weeks, then we’re into the playoffs and summer will be here.  Yikes.  Okay here’s my take on the playoffs. Not that I know anything about these teams, other than shooting them 🙂 Feel free to weigh in. First Round: Mercer, Bellevue, Bainbridge, and Tacoma will all win…(Read More)

Spring is here


Must be spring – the colors are out, sunsets are back, and the rain no longer pelts sideways for 48 hours non-stop.  Oh, and Lax is in full swing. Actually, there are only a few weeks left. Curtis at Bainbridge game gallery here…(Read More)

What’s That?


I couldn’t resist this photo from yesterday’s Issy – MI game.  What was actually happening, was the ball was rolling out of bounds. The Issy player thought it was off MI, and the MI player thought it was off Issy.  It doesn’t really matter who was right – it was a great game. Issaquah…(Read More)

Also on the field


Dogs love lacrosse. They like chasing the ball, and they like smelling where the cleats have been. Or something. Not sure what this pooch is checking out. Game gallery of Curtis at Stadium. &nbsp…(Read More)

Slow is Fast


Lacrosse is known as the fastest sport on two feet, because a transition from one end of the field to the other can take less than three seconds, and a shot on goal can rip at over 100 mph.  One way of ‘capturing’ the speed of the sport is by actually slowing down the shutter…(Read More)

One of the traditions of lacrosse on Bainbridge is the barbecue tent.  It’s always there, for boys and for girls lax games, smoke billowing.  Visiting teams appreciate it because there’s often nowhere to get a bite to eat on the ferry ride home, unless you want to stop off at Micky D’s…(Read More)