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Best fans in the state

Some random ramblings, call them “McNuttins”, from this weekend’s 8th Annual NW Invitational…

First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers to Garren Tiffee, a sophomore long pole for Sunset, who left Sunday’s game in an ambulance with a very painful dislocated arm. He’s likely lost for awhile, and had a long painful ride home to Oregon. He was injured in an innocent collision with a teammate which caused him to land all kinds of wrong on the turf.

Kudo’s to the tireless volunteers in Ian O’Hearn’s posse who make this weekend run so smooth that we all take it for granted.  O’Hearn has always had lots of pull in the community, but apparently it extends to the weather gods.

It’s March not May, and lots of things change throughout each year. But if the WA State Championship were awarded today to the best team, it would have to go to Bellevue. Head and shoulders above the other WA teams this weekend. But there’s a lot of here and there between here and there, so let’s go ahead and play the games. (BTW, no one’s asking me, but I predict Lakeridge and Henderson as the champs of Oregon and Nevada.)

The chihuahua noises that Portland Jesuit makes during their warm-ups do nothing to inspire fear in me. But maybe that’s just me. Although it didn’t seem to work on Centennial or Skyline, either.

New Westminster impressed by just bringing down 9th and 10th graders and still delivering a bunch of hurt on people. Nice showing, boys.

I’m not buying that Mercer Island’s loss to Lakeridge means anything. Number one, senior middie and D1 commit Hayden Reisman didn’t play. Secondly, the Washington teams all play it pretty close to the vest in front of their competition, whereas Lakeridge can risk showing their real sets. And third, Lakeridge looked pretty stinkin’ good.

Still the hippest dude in WA lacrosse.

I enjoyed hearing Oregon parents lamenting how thug-like Washington lacrosse players are and blaming it on our closer proximity to Canada and the frequency with which we play Canadian teams.  “I guess the refs have to let your boys get away with all that stuff or your games would drag on forever..” What?!?

There’s nothing about Spencer Noonan’s game I don’t love. The Skyline senior LSM and Fairfield (D1) commit has size, physicality and great field presence. Throw in crazy takeway skills and a fair dose of nasty, and you’ve got a guy I’d ride with any day.

As long as I’m confessing man-crushes,  Issaquah’s Brady Hahn gets my vote as the top rockstopper in Washington. I know his save percentage is low right now, but that’s the most worthless way to judge a goalie. And besides, he hasn’t played with his top defense yet. You just watch, he’ll carry the Eagles through some games, like he did last year. In addition to Hahn, Kyle Kuberski made some noise with Skyline and Bradley Medieros led the Bellevue defense to their first shutout in recent history, squelching a decent Lincoln squad 5-0. (And before the hate-mail flows from Mukamiak, I’m still a huge Nick Gregory fan as well.)

It’s none of my business, but did anyone else think there might be some non-compliant uniforms out there this year?

Just to finish the goalie love, Henderson’s Evan Gallagher, and Sunset’s Tristan Aimonetti both stood out as the top keeps in Nevada and Oregon, respectively. At least at this tournament.

By the way, if you’re not following the WHSBLA Stroll on Twitter, you’re never going to be as smart as me.

How is anyone ever going to win a faceoff against Bellevue this year? Dakota Jones, Joe Finnell and Simon Jenkin are all over 65% this season. Figure one out, and they’ll just rotate in a different one.

The Lincoln Cardinals, last year’s Oregon State Champs, are going through a Twilight Zone of losses. No one in their wildest imagination would have put them at 0-6 heading into April. They’re way too good of  a team to be kept down this long, and they’re getting pretty grumpy about it. I don’t think I’d want to be OES, their April 2nd opponent for their league opener.

Issaquah’s Jake Lindahl is a freshman? Wow. Wear that 17 proud, son.

And lastly, if I may pontificate for a little bit…after this weekend, I can confidently say that if you tell me your sophomore son is a “D1 recruit”, he’s going to play this game way more like a sophomore than a D1 player. I heard much recruitment bragging in the stands this weekend and saw very little on the field to back it up. If your kid’s not an upper classman yet, let the boy be a boy. Be proud of him for what he is today, not how he’ll make you look tomorrow. And read this.

Last but not least – in case you didn’t click on any of the links above, click this one: the galleries are up. Enjoy!


2 Responses to "McNuttins at the Northwest Invitational"
  1. Thanks for the gracious remarks re Garren Tiffee. Nasty injury, for sure. And, yeah, Aimonetti had a “pretty good” game vs Skyline.

    Sunset had a great time at the NWI this year, vs some excellent opponents. Many thanks to the organizers.

    /s old guy driving a team van and toting a camera…

  2. Very classy about comments concerning garren Tiffee.
    1st Class goes out to Skyline and all those who reached out to this young man injured.

    Jeff Dill

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