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McNuttin’s v2    by McNutty

More random thoughts:

  • Do you recognize this Washington lacrosse referee? His name is Don Stoppenbach. He played high school lacrosse at Boy’s Latin, in Maryland, currently the #1 ranked High School program in the country. He then went on to play at UMBC, under famed coach Don Zimmerman, who’s already been in the US Lacrosse Hall of Fame for 10 years. Remember that the next you want to chirp from the stands because you think Stopper got a call wrong.
  • If you are a parent volunteer for your kid’s high school team, good for you. Washington lacrosse couldn’t survive without the tireless volunteers who do things like transportation, scorekeeping, finances; the list goes on and on. But I have to say this, if you’re the person who, before every game, puts the tape down for  the creases, boxes and endlines on your field, and then after the game peels up said tape, I will buy you a beer. I can’t imagine a more thankless job that requires so many bend-overs. Email me at and we’ll have a beer together, on me.
  • Here’s something you never thought about: Now that it’s warm, every time a referee sticks their nose down in between two players to do a faceoff, he (or she) gets a double dose of that funky lacrosse equipment smell that permeates your laundry room this time of year.
  • In a relatively meaningless game, you have to love how excited Liberty was to upset playoff-bound Mt. Si on Wednesday night. It was a one-goal game and the Patriots ended their season holding on to a great come-from-behind victory.  The players looked like they’d just won the state championship. This is why D2 lacrosse is so cool.
  • BTW, Mt. Si is graduating 15 seniors. Based on what I heard on Senior Night, it seems like at least 10 of them are entering military service immediately, defending our country so you and I don’t have to. Good on them.
  • You probably know about Supersonic Lacrosse. They were the 2012 recipient of Sound Lacrosse’s  ’Shoot for the Top’  grant. You might know Scott Pattison, the Director of Supersonic Lacrosse, who has led the program which offers free lacrosse and academic tutoring to at-risk middle-school students.  But did you know that Scott has just wrapped up the first high school season for the Chief Sealth JV lacrosse program? Made up of kids who have grown up through Supersonic Lacrosse, Pattison coached his team through their inaugural season, recently knocking off the Liberty JV team. Talk about a bunch of proud kids.

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