McNutty Is Back! McNuttin’s for 2014


2014 McNuttins

Well we’ve just finished our first week of the 2014 Washington boy’s lacrosse season, almost 50 varsity games were played. Soundlacrosse shot eight varsity games, posting over 550 pictures online. (You can order any of these prints for a song, and 100% of the proceeds will go to a NW lacrosse charity.) After this roaring start, I’ve got some random observations…

If there have been any surprises so far this season, I haven’t seen them. No major upsets. Roosevelt’s victory of Mt. Si caught my eye, but the Roughriders have 10 seniors while the Wildcats graduated 15 from last year’s playoff team, so that game followed my Senior Moments theory. Maybe the biggest surprise is that over 10% of our games so far have gone to overtime.

Speaking of seniors with playoff experience, Wednesday’s game between new teams O’Dea and Seattle Academy featured 20 players who played in last year’s DII State Championship game. This year’s eligibility rules meant those players got dispersed from last year’s Nathan Hale and Garfield teams to form the new programs. Unfortunately for O’Dea, 14 of them now play for Seattle Academy who rolled to a 14-0 victory.

Speaking of O’Dea…in an age of psychotic infatuation with lax swag, uniforms and clothing, it’s nice to see head coach Drew Snider going understated with the camo boonie hat. In his next game against Seattle Academy, he accessorized with the hipster backpack, which he wore the whole game. Nice to see.

If you haven’t read this excellent article by Mike McQuaid of, do. BTW, Peninsula won the mentioned game in OT, 8-7.

Nice to see plenty of kids still supporting the memory of Tyler Lucas with their TL17 stickers. I’ve still got a couple so if you want one, email me with your name and address, and we’ll work something out.

I’ve been around long enough to know that there is no one correct way to align teams, leagues, schedules and playoff berths. There are always pros and cons and politics involved in every year’s alignment.  But I really don’t understand this current year’s configuration. I don’t think the benefits of regionally aligned leagues offset the disparity of unmatched teams. No one on either team wants anything to do with a 21-0 game, regardless of how short the bus ride was to get there. Here are real scores from this past week’s official league games (team names withheld to protect the innocent):  20-4, 17-2, 19-0, 18-1, 15-5, 14-0, 15-2, 17-4, 17-4, 23-0, 21-0, 14-0, 21-1, 21-0.  14 league games that were absolute routs. You’ll have a hard time convincing me that any of these match-ups helps to grow the game. Maybe last week was an anomaly, and the future weeks will be better. Anyone want to join me at Tuesday’s Mercer Island vs. Mt. Si matchup?

LacrosseWoodinville Lacrosse has a billboard? Spectacular. They’ve got to be the program to watch over the next few years.

Will Snider, senior attackman at Nathan Hale  – One game, 13 points. Seems legit. Will Seattle Academy be able to shut him down on Tuesday? Head to Upper Genesee field at 5pm to find out.

In the games I watched, the unyielding law of the lacrosse universe still held true. Teams that have to focus their early practices on passing and catching always lose to the teams that had time to practice clears and rides. In other words, if you can clear and ride, you win. But you can’t learn to clear if you can’t catch and throw. If you’re a player, you can affect this by hitting the wall, hard and often. Help your teammates; practice individual skills on your own time.

And finally, Seattle Academy has the early lead on best uniforms in the state. Gray matte helmets,  mmm…


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  1. Have To Agree With You Wholeheartedly About The Blowout Games. There Needs To Be Some Frank Conversation Amongst The HS Teams – Athletic Directors And Club Leader, Not Just Coaches – To Come To Some Agreement Whether The HS League Is Trying To Design Conferences/Divisions To Promote The Growth Of The Game, Become WIAA, Or Otherwise. Clearly, The Current Leadership Hasn’t Figured It Out Given There Have Been League Realignments 3 Out Of The Last 3 Years. (not sure why this comment box capitalizes all the words)

    • About realignment: it’s a good conversation to have, plusses and minuses. In the long run, though, you’ve got to grow the game and as a well-known coach recently told me, “If it was football and you had a brand new team in KingCo, guess what? They’d be playing Bellevue.” To me, it’s more interesting how the teams handle such games. Just sayin’…

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