MidSeason McNumbers


by McNutty

As the season rolls into Spring Break and the halfway point, I put together some numbers you might use to bore someone standing on the sideline with you during a timeout…


The number of 2013 Washington grads who are playing college lacrosse this year (according to LaxPower.) There were 29 in 2012, and Laxpower reports 20 already for 2014. Amazing growth in talent.


The percentage of games so far this season where the margin of victory was at least twelve points. That’s an increase of 56% over last season. (25% of the games in 2013 were routs, 21% in 2012.)


The exact number of points Mercer Island has scored in 60% of their games. They’ve reached it by at least the middle of the 4th quarter four times.


The number of teams who are undefeated in league play. Also, the number of teams who are un-victorious in league play. That’s 22 teams that don’t know how the other half lives.


Games this week that will let us know where Washington lacrosse matches up nationally.

  1. Newport, on Wednesday, faces a tough Chatfield team in Denver. The Knights are on the first major spring break trip of their program.
  2. Wednesday Bellevue travels to the DC area and faces storied St.Stephen’s/St.Agnes, last year’s IAC Champs (here’s the story and the video in the Washington Post, yea, lacrosse is big there.) The Saints placed 10 D1 lacrosse players from the 2013 team and have five D1 committed seniors this year.
  3. Wednesday, Issaquah faces perennial Central Texas powerhouse Westlake, in Austin, as part of their Texas Three Step.
  4. Saturday Mercer Island travels to Connecticut to face 2013 champ Wilton Warriors, of the tough FCIAC conference. They also face Joel Barlow who was the other finalist in the 2013 state final (here’s a link to a replay of their 2013 Championship game, if you’re jonesing for some good lacrosse this week. Seriously, watch it, I loved it, Joe Lombardi on the call…) The Islanders get both teams early as public school lacrosse hasn’t started yet in Connecticut.
  5. Tahoma goes to Arizona for a Saturday match against Desert Vista, currently the top Arizona team according to the Nike/USLacrosse poll this week.
  6. Thursday Skyline travels to mecca, I mean Maryland, to face Towson HS, a team ranked in the state’s top 50, which is saying something back there.


The number of games that Eastlake won in consecutive days last week. That’s right, the Wolves won a varsity lacrosse game last Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. (And the last three were overnight travel away games.) Have a spring break, lads, you’ve earned it.


The number of teams that have over 100 point goal differentials over their opponents. That is, two teams have already scored at least 100 more goals than they’ve allowed. Mercer Island (135) and Eastside Catholic (113.) The WHSBLA record is 205, by Issaquah in 2012.


The number of active referees working this season. They’ll cover 1,648 games this season so your kids can play and you can watch. Think about that before chirping  one about a missed offsides call.



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