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To start your Monday, I present a prolix potpourri of profound postulations. (i.e.random thoughts)

“We’ll never be able to win if we don’t get a better faceoff guy” I’m one of those guys who understands that faceoff wins and goalie saves do not correlate with victories. Sure it’s always easier to have both, but it doesn’t assure you a victory if you do, and there’s years of history that shows it. However, Tahoma’s 12-10 victory at Bellevue last Saturday night, challenged even my lame statistical mind, which happens sometimes. Bellevue’s Alex Choe won 72% of the faceoffs, yet Bellevue lost the game. Could that be because Tahoma’s Dustin Hendrix played out of his mind, saving 20 out of 30 shots on goal? (67%) The Bellevue goalies saved only one shot all night, allowing 12 to score for a stunning 8% save percentage. If Bellevue could’ve saved just 30% of the shots, we’d have laughed at that number, and been talking about how great Hendrix played in the Tahoma loss.  It’s confusing, but remember the rule isn’t that faceoffs and saves don’t matter, just that they don’t correlate with wins.

Worst case, your D1 program is no more than 10 years away from a state title. Meet Chris Bergin.  He’s the High School liaison for the Washington Chapter of Us Lacrosse, as well as a very successful coach, currently in the 7/8 youth lacrosse world. He recently shared this little piece of information with me:

10 years ago:
  • There were 12 Division 1 Lacrosse Teams in WA
    • The only teams drawing from one high school were Issaquah, Bainbridge, Mercer Island, and Lakeside
    • The best teams were Mercer Island and Issaquah who were the only two teams with laxpower ratings over 85
    • Bellevue, (now this year’s defending state champion) was 3-13 and had a laxpower rating of 74.24, while drawing kids from Bellevue, Sammamish and Newport.


  • There are 31 Division 1 Lacrosse Teams in WA
    • 25 of the 31 DI teams currently draw from only one high school
    • There are currently 26 DI teams with a laxpower ratings over 85…. and the winner of WA DI typically has a laxpower rating above a 98.5 which is competitive with the top 100 teams in HS Lacrosse annually (1450 teams compete nationally)
    • 30 current DI teams in WA (and 25 current DII teams) have a better laxpower rating than Bellevue had in 2005
10 years ago Philip Morris determined that “that Virginia Slim’s feminist brand image no longer appealed to young women aged 18-24 years.” And Drew Snider was a junior All-American midfielder at Garfield


 “I like the ironic juxtaposition of the cerulean numbers on the teal background” said no lacrosse fan ever. (Uh oh. Here comes a full on rant.) Nothing yanks my chain more than not being able to read uniform numbers. Parents, fans, referees, scorekeepers, spotters and announcers all need (and deserve) to be able to instantly read players’ numbers, even if they’re on the far side of the field. Here’s the rule: Dark Uniform=Light Numbers, Light Uniform=Dark Numbers. It’s not hard, coaches. Leave your inner fashion designer in the bag when you order uniforms. No maroon numbers on black jerseys. No yellow numbers on white jerseys. As of this year, it’s an NCAA rule. Look for it soon in high school. It can’t come quickly enough.

Is Tahoma’s Hudson Taylor flying below your radar screen this season? He shouldn’t be, with 39 goals and 61 points this season. Including putting in 5 goals and 2 assists in the Bears’ win at Bellevue last Saturday. If he was off the Wolverines’ radar before, I’m guessing he won’t be if they meet in the playoffs. BTW, Tahoma’s offense has three players with more than 25 goals this season: Hudson Taylor, Matty Taylor and Dakoda Barger. Mercer Island, Eastside Catholic, Issaquah and Bellevue only have two. Combined.

Do we have to give the trophy back? Looks like the Wesco/NW D2 conference is going to place three teams into the playoffs, none of whom have a winning percentage above .400. I’m not sure I have a problem with that, and I’m not really interested in developing an informed opinion. But it does strike me as weird.

Wait, no concrete?  I, for one, am pretty excited that this year’s State Championship day will be held at the Starfire Complex in Tukwila. Mark your calendars..1pm – 10pm, May 31st.


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  1. can you pass a message to the walax sunday stroll writer? sehome/bellingham (and everett for that matter) ARE D1 TEAMS- NOT D2. thanks

  2. Wesco/NW D2- It looks like they count games against D1 teams in their standings. Metro D2 did that last year, D2 Overlake had a loss against D1 Eastside Catholic count against them – not fair. (But then again, all the other Metro D2 teams lost to EC last year) they entered the playoffs with a regular season losing record – due to half Their games being against D1 teams and went to the D2 semi-finals last year. this year Metro D2 only counted D2 games for standings – looks better on paper but I think they were better prepared for the playoffs last year. Don’t be surprised if the Wesco/NW D2 teams play above their records in the D2 playoffs.

  3. Hmmm…my understanding is that all games in your conference, whether D1 or D2, count against your conference record. But whatever, I could be wrong. It doesn’t matter because I agree with your point; a tough season can make for a great playoff run. Look at Liberty last year.

  4. Your D1 team is 10 years away from a State title?? Seriously? Hmmm. Who are the final 4? The usual suspects of course. Mercer Island, Bellevue, Issaquah. Skyline is the spawn of issaquah.

    Prematurely Diluting programs does not afford teams the opportunity to truly develop talent. Bellevue got to mature as a program (one of the oldest in the state) before spawning Newport and Sammamish. Issaquah was allowed to Mature before spawning Skyline, then Mt Si, then Liberty. Mercer Island is, well, an island and has not had to face any sort of dilution. Why was it so easy for WHSBLA to impose the break ups? My guess is those on the Board only stood to gain by diluted competition. Issaquah, Lynden, Mercer Island-all represented on the board. Diluted teams- Auburn Riverside, Bothell, Sehome etc, NOT.

    If these teams were allowed to naturally break apart instead of being forced, there might be different teams in the final four. But contrary to popular belief, WHSBLA’s decision did not improve lacrosse or competition; it set programs back 10 years.

    So, while I respect Chris Bergin’s assessment, the proof is actually in the pudding.

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