Playoffs Around the Corner


Was that fast, or what?  Two more weeks, then we’re into the playoffs and summer will be here.  Yikes.  Okay here’s my take on the playoffs. Not that I know anything about these teams, other than shooting them 🙂

Feel free to weigh in.

First Round:

Mercer, Bellevue, Bainbridge, and Tacoma will all win. That’s because they’ll all have byes. I’m not really picking Bellevue over Issaquah at this stage; their name just comes first in the alphabet. That’s a total toss-up.


  • Skyline over King’s Way – if Skyline is healthy
  • Issaquah over Lake Tapps – makes up for Issy’s lost game on Friday 13th
  • Eastside Catholic over Curtis – Colby, convince me otherwise (great game, either way)
  • Tahoma over Eastlake – may revise this after tomorrow


  • Mercer over Skyline – repeat of previous Friday’s game
  • Issaquah over Tacoma – first meeting
  • Bainbridge over Eastside Catholic – first meeting
  • Bellevue over Tahoma – first meeting


The usual suspects


Not even going there

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