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In the Skagit Conference, San Juan, Whatcom and North County seem to be the favorites to compete for the two playoff spots available. San Juan (5-4) has a half-game lead on Whatcom, but looks to have a much tougher remaining schedule as they have to face the Snohomish juggernaut, although the game’s in Friday Harbor. Whatcom (5-5) only has  three games left, going 2-1 should put them in. North County (3-5) definitely has control of its own destiny, as they have two games left against San Juan. Sweep those and they sneak in the playoffs for sure. It’s going to take at least six wins to advance, so Stanwood’s (3-7) going to have to win out to have a chance.

Nathan Hale and Klahowya

The Olympic Conference seems pretty clear, but will be settled after tonight (Friday.) The top two teams, Gig Harbor (6-3) and Klahowya (6-4) face each other. It looks like that will determine the seeding but both teams should get in. The battle for the third playoff spot culminates on May 4th when North and South Kitsap face each other.

Seattle Prep and Garfield

The Metro Conferences are where the action is, in terms of fierce battles for playoff positions. Starting in the South, Seattle Prep seems to have sewn up the #1 spot with their victory over Garfield last night. Three Rivers and Garfield can be expected to battle for #2 & #3, with Three Rivers having the edge by virtue of smart scheduling. The Coyotes host six of their final seven games in the Tri-Cities and the other game is just up the road in Selah. That much home cookin’ ought to suit them just fine. Vashon is still mathematically alive, but they’re going to have to almost run the table against some tough teams to creep into postseason.

Blanchet and Garfield

Metro – North – There’s little doubt that Nathan Hale, Roosevelt, Blanchet and Ballard will battle for the three playoffs spots. Hale (8-3) has four remaining but only two are tough. Roosevelt (7-5) lost last night to Ballard (6-6) and the Beavers now own that tiebreaker. Should the Roughriders stumble, Ballard could make it to the second seed.  Blanchet (5-7) only has three games left and should win two of them handily. Even so, they could be on the outside looking in without some help. Nathan Hale plays both of them still, so they’ll have a hand in the final placements.

The two playoff teams that will come out of the Evergreen Conference will be Overlake (7-0) and…probably the winner of tonight’s Redmond @ Mt. Si (6-2) game. Both teams control their destiny as of today, but that won’t be true tomorrow as the loser of tonight’s game will find its season on life-support. Look for Redmond (5-2), winners of three straight, to take the game tonight and the last berth.

And finally, the Cascade Conference. Chris Cote’s Snohomish (12-0) team has a tough Friday night test against Providence, a team they just beat at the wire in the first meeting. But nothing but bragging rights is on the line as SnoHo has the #1 sewn up. Everett (9-3) looks good for the two, although they’ll face a North County team on May 3rd that will need a win to get a playoff berth. Providence (7-3) and Wenatchee (6-4)look to be battling down to the wire for the third spot, and I think the Cinco de Mayo game at Wenatchee will likely be the determining factor there.

So…here’s the recap:

Skagit Conference Evergreen Conference
1. Whatcom 1. Overlake
2. San Juan 2. Redmond
Olympic Conference Cascade Conference
1. Klahowya 1. Snohomish
2. Gig Harbor 2. Everett
3. North Kitsap 3. Wenatchee
Metro – North Conference Metro – South Conference
1. Nathan Hale 1. Seattle Prep
2. Roosevelt 2. Three Rivers
3. Ballard 3. Garfield

If this all goes this way, that would make the first round playoff games:

Ballard @ Snohomish North Kitsap @ Seattle Prep
Three Rivers @ Redmond San Juan @ Everett
Wenatchee @ Nathan Hale Garfield @ Kalhowya
Gig Harbor @ Whatcom Roosevelt @ Overlake


And again remember, this is all in good fun, just food for discussion. If you think differently or think I’m crazy, drop us a comment. We’d love to hear what you have to say!

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